The Blackmouth Cur was first recognized by the National Kennel Club in April, 1964 and by the United Kennel Club in November, 1998. It is a poweful, agile tree dog of medium size. The body is square or just slightly longer than tall. The head is broad with a moderate stop and a moderately broad muzzle. The ears are set high and drop. The tail is straight, set low, and may be any length.

The cheeks are muscular and prominent. The neck is slightly arched and very well-muscled. The hindquarters are strong and powerful, giving the appearance of power and speed. The chest should be deep, wide and well-sprung. Rump should be set higher than withers. This is a dog built for stamina and faults should be penalized to the degree that they detract from that goal.

The coat is short and close fitting. The color being all shades of yellow, fawn and red – with buckskin, brindle and black acceptable. Black muzzle or mask usually, but coat never spotted, mottled, merled or with white collar. The height for mature females being 16 to 24 inches at shoulder. Males at 18 to 25 inches. Weight for females being 40 to 75 pounds. Males at 50 to 85 pounds. Ten pounds over or under not to be faulted as long as the dog appears balanced.

The temperament of the Blackmouth Cur should appear bold, confident, trusting and loving. Neither too shy or aggressive. Dogs must be able to work well with other dogs as well as alone. Dogs must be even-tempered, good with children and protective of family and property.