Pet Matchmaking Service PawsLikeMe Wants to Help You Find the Right Dog October 14, 2015 0
Pet Matchmaking Service PawsLikeMe Wants to Help You Find the Right Dog

As any pet owner will tell you, having a four-legged companion is much like rearing a child: you love them despite their knack for ruining your favorite shoes and you can’t really give them back without a parade of disapproving side-eyes. With that said, it’s important that the connection between man and animal is strong if there is to be a long-lasting relationship and one Florida-based company is hoping to help you with that.

The Daily Dot reports that PawsLikeMe, which recently went national, is a service where potential owners take a “Pet Compatibility Test” to find their perfect match. Participants take a three-to-five minute quiz that works much like eHarmony, focusing on four personality traits: energy, focus, confidence, and independence. “There is a personality that a dog has and that all animals have that is very individual and goes beyond breed characteristics,” CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Holmes told USA Today Network.

While there are no guarantees for the perfect match, the company does maintain a 90 percent accuracy rate in predicting compatibility between people and pets. This should help cut down on the growing number of pets who don’t have a permanent home.

“Seventy percent of pets are re-homed more than once in their lifetime,” she said in a press release. “Our genuine hope is that by providing a better way of matching pets with their new families, we can change that and find them not just a home, but the right home.”

And don’t feel left out just yet, cat owners. The company says they’re working on a feline equivalent.

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