How To Keep Your BMC Away From Your Houseplants May 31, 2016 0
How To Keep Your BMC Away From Your Houseplants

Curs are curious creatures, especially when it comes to the plants you have indoors. These expert tips will help you keep them away so you can keep your plants alive.

It’s only natural for your furry friends to try and interact with houseplants, but in the process they can make a huge mess, ruin the plant, or even hurt themselves. Inga Fricke, Director of Pet Retention Programs at the ASPCA, suggests a few tips at Apartment Therapy:

  1. Always keep plants on tables or shelves where pets can’t reach them.
  2. Don’t put dangling tablecloths or runners under plants—pets might use these as tug toys.
  3. Line the rim of the planter or the edge of the shelf with double-sided tape, another material dogs hate to touch.
  4. Avoid placing plants on narrow ledges or shelves where your furry friends might knock them over. Toppled plants not only make a mess, but sharp broken edges could cut your pet’s paws.

It’s all about keeping your houseplants out of reach from dogs and deterring them from wanting to interact with them.

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