Black Mouth Curs have varied historical documentation dependent upon region. Among them are the Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur from Mississippi, Red Black Mouth Cur from Alabama, Weatherford’s Ben Black Mouth Cur from Texas, and the Florida Black Mouth Cur.

The first Black Mouth Curs registered were Ladner Black Mouth Curs through the National Kennel Club in April 1964. Mr L.H. Ladner had such extensive written documentation of his family’s breeding that the NKC recognized the breed. These curs are used to tree squirrel, raccoon, bobcat, mountain lion, and bear. They are used for hunting hogs and feral cattle. They also are distinguished by being used by the search and rescue emergency services.

The Weatherford’s Ben Texas Black Mouth Cur comes from a line of curs well-documented in the book Big Thicket Legacy.  They are used primarily for herding cattle.

The Florida Black Mouth Cur, used for herding cattle, are featured in old paintings hanging in local barber shops and homes, so their existence and history in Florida is documented.

The Red Alabama Black Mouth Cur is believed to have originated in Alabama, though there are Red Black Mouth Cur in Florida and Tennessee. These cur were supposedly registered as property in the courthouses around Howardtown about 40 miles north of Mobile and nearby Tibbie in the 1940s. They were used as multipurpose pioneer dogs that would hunt, protect the home, and gather in the cattle and pigs at slaughter time. Several breeders in Alabama, Mrs. Murphy among them, continue to work toward retaining and improving the Red Black Mouth Cur. Through the efforts of several Black Mouth Cur breeders, the United Kennel Club later recognized the breed, featuring Howard Carnathan’s Bruno, a Red Black Mouth Cur, in their standard photograph.

Black Mouth Curs now range from the east to the west coast, and as far north as Canada. The Ladner Black Mouth Curs are also known to be in Mexico, Argentina, Haiti, Russia, India, and throughout Europe.

Also very closely related to the Black Mouth Cur is the Mountain Cur. The Mountain Cur dogs are slowly being sorted into individual types.